Saturday, January 29, 2011

A sunny day makes for good moods and good pictures.

aIt is really amazing what you see on a sunny day. The whole world seems to slow down and you can take in the more subtle things. Today was on of those days, be forewarned that this page has a lot of pic on it from today and may take some time to load. Also click the other links over there if you want more.>>>>>

The Obligatory Mountain. But look at that bowl!

Man I love this sign!

You do not find many towns like this in the US anymore.

This is a cocoon made from.. plastic bottles?

I feel British.

This is S mountain, they add lights to it in December to make it look like a decorated tree.

I set the camera down on a rock for this river pic
kayakers train in this spot when it is warmer.

I wonder what this building gets paid for clicks...

In the summer this becomes hippie heaven as all manner of music is played and munchies are sold.

In a vain attempt to imitate Rats, I took a pic of my feet by the clear water.

Panoramic view of a little part of the river.

This place is filled with "artists" trying to "express themselves"

What is this I don't even...
"Holy crap Jesus is flying!" "OH man" "woooowwww" "Jesus get down from there, you don't belong in the air, you dont even have wings" "lawl"
And that is pretty much it for this edition of pics. If you like what you see be sure to comment and follow me. Also click on those links at the top left of the page to be taken to my other pages. Plus follow Blogwave.



  1. Love the Fat tees sign too. I'd love to steal it! :D

  2. Hippy Heaven IS a field of horny goats. And their fancy weeds.

  3. Hippy Heaven is filled with horny goats and their famous weeds.

  4. why is Jesus jumping into a crowd of people?!?!?