Sunday, January 9, 2011

Pictures of the mountains 1

Well I was just out on a trip with my new camera and I got some pretty cool pic of the mountains. There were a few other cool things on the way but this is probably the creme of the crop. If you like what you see go here for more of it.

Sometimes the wind gets so crazy up there that it forms new clouds out of snow.
The clouds will also flatten when pushed across the mountains sometimes, it makes a cool wave effect.
Going over one of the many passes here gives you quite the view of some amazing rocks... WOOH ROCKS!
When you are right in the snow you can not see very far. It reminds me a lot of Silent Hill.
And this kinda reminds me of Red Dead Redemption. There are a lot of abandoned places out here, little ghost towns.
Those are some of the pics I have been taking, do not fret there will be more I am sure. If you like them or do not just let me know in the comments!